Friday, 4 July 2008

New Metallica Boxset

According to the Norwegian music retailer Platekompaniet, Metallica will release a limited-edition two-CD, one-DVD, deluxe "Death Magnetic" box set in September. The box set will be packaged as a coffin box and will also include an exclusive t-shirt, flag and USB memory stick.

The details of the deluxe box set are as follows:

  • CD (exclusive digipack version)
  • 1 CD with demos of songs from "Death Magnetic" (10 songs)
  • 1 "Making of 'Death Magnetic'" DVD featuring never-before-seen material
  • 1 exclusive "Death Magnetic" t-shirt (only available with the box set)
  • 1 "Death Magnetic" flag
  • A set of "Death Magnetic" guitar picks
  • 1 fold-out, coffin box, poster with pictures of the band members
  • 1 USB memory stick with Metallica logo (enables digital download of "Death Magnetic" album)
  • A Finnish retailer called Record Shop X has listed Wednesday, September 17 as the release date for Metallica's ninth studio album, "Death Magnetic". Although an official release date has yet to be announced by the band or its label, the Finnish date would indicate that the album would arrive in the U.S. on Tuesday, September 16, with most of continental Europe getting the CD one day earlier on September 15. Some countries, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland, would see the record issued on Friday, September 12.

    Tuesdays are when almost all CDs are issued in the U.S.

    The members of Metallica have been saying in interviews that the album will arrive in September.

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